Fees and Charges

As of March 2018

 Fee / Charges
Daily Fee$50.16
Means Tested Care FeeAs per Department of Human Services the amount you pay will depend upon your income and assets.
Additional Services
PodiatryFrom $30 a visit
HairdresserMen from $20 Women from $23
NewspapersAs requested
PharmacyAs required
DentistAs required
Resident Outings / Bus TripsFrom $10
Resident Activities

As needed

1-on-1 Outingsfrom $30 per hour
Small Group of 3-4 activities/outings$15 per hour
1-on-1 Massage Therapy$30 per hour
1-on-1 Manicure/Pedicure$30 per hour
1-on-1 Aromatherapy/Spa$30 per hour
Bus Trips$15 per outing
Fruit Platter$2 per serve
Wi-Fi Access$3 per week
Fridge Rental$3 per week
Pamper Pack$10