Residential Care West Perth


Rosewood Care Group hazs gained approval to redevelop our Leederville site into a more modern facility with the capability to better care for our residents, both current and future. Currently the development is on track for completion in July 2017 with the expected opening to be August 2017.

The internal environment is a significant element in the effective operation of the residential care facility and will provide a platform to deliver overall wellness to all of our residents. We support the involvement and interaction with our resident’s families and friends and our “state of the art” security system supports easy access for them to visit whilst maintaining security for our residents.

The external environment is also an important feature of the facility. The size, proportion, texture and organisation of the spaces were carefully considered during the design process to integrate with the colourful landscaping.

Whilst Leederville will be suited for residents with any medical condition, a specific focus on memory impairment was integrated into the design.

The quality of life of people with memory impairment is more than often related to their physical environment. We will allow the individuals to express their needs and wants in an acceptable and measured manner and still gain personal, social benefits and maintain choice and independence. Residents can be challenged by large unstructured spaces, crowds and uncontrolled noise. The environment at Leederville will meet the specific needs of our residents by having

  • a familiar domestic style
  • a variety of stimulating activities
  • unobtrusive inclusion of safety features
  • small common rooms with familiar furniture, fittings and fixtures common to the generation
  • single bedrooms which will be individually sign posted allowing for personal items
  • objects used as directional signs
  • ensuites will be in direct line of vision

In order to apply for accommodation, you will require and Aged Care Assessment Team assessment (ACCR). You can obtain information about which ACAT is closest to you by calling 1800 200 422. Alternatively, your own doctor can refer you to the local ACAT.

If you would like more information please email