Daily Fee $52.25
Means Tested Care Fee As per Department of Human Services the amount you pay will depend upon your income and assets.

Hotel Services

Podiatry From $35 a visit
Hairdresser Men from $20 | Women from $20
Newspapers As requested
Pharmacy As required
Dentist As required
Resident Outings / Bus Trips $15 half day | $25 full day
Resident Activities As needed
1-on-1 Outings From $40 per hour
1-on-1 Escort to Medical appointment $40 per hour
1-on-1 Aromatherapy/Spa $30 per 30 minutes
1-on-1 Massage Therapy $30 per 30 minutes
1-on-1 Manicure $30 per hour
1-on-1 Reflexology $45 for 30 minutes
Grazing Plate $2 per serve
Wi-Fi Access $3 per week
Fridge Rental $3 per week
Banquet Room Hire  $75